Ethiopia Chelchele

Ethiopia Chelchele

Ethiopia Chelchele, our latest Natural Coffee, is now available for purchase. Tasting notes include floral, blueberry, and milk chocolate. 

What differentiates a natural from a washed coffee? Once someone harvests a coffee cherry, they can choose to either separate the bean from the surrounding fruit or leave it intact during the drying process. Allowing the bean to dry with the fruit intact is known as naturally processed coffee and it imparts more fruit and fermented flavors to the final product. Washed coffee, like our Ethiopia Gotiti, is removed from the fruit during the drying process, which highlights the intrinsic flavor profile of the bean itself. Try both processes separately or combined as one in our Abyssinia blend!

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Jean L Hamrick

A friend suggested I try your coffee. When I checked out your website, I could not find the different roast for your coffees or when batches were roasted. I don’t know if I missed this or the information is not available. Could you clarify this for me. Thanks Gary Davis.

Gary Kent Davis

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