Place order by 11AM on Tuesday morning for same-week shipping and local pickup. Pickup and whole beans are available during our window service every day from 8AM-2PM.


  • Loring Smart Roast

    Our trusted companion since 2006, the Loring Smart Roast emits up to 80% less CO2 in every roast when compared to conventional roasters.
  • Cafe Hours

    The non-existent rumors are true. We are now open for window service "Eight Days a Week" from 8a-2p. Hypothetically speaking, what would we call th...
  • Wandering Goat + Palace Coffee

    Like the marriage of lemon and lime, Palace Coffee and Wandering Goat are going least for the next few months. We don't need to define...
  • Welcome Peru Chanchamayo!

    Coming from the La Chacra D’ Dago estate, Chanchamayo presents notes of cherry, almond, caramel and dark chocolate. In addition to being grown organically (as are all of our offerings), the Ludeña family practices Biodynamic farming on their 35 hectare estate. Available both online and in the cafe starting today!

  • New Retail Bags

    Ten-years and a lot of grey hairs later, new retail bags have finally arrived. 
  • Coffee Flight - Chupacabra Espresso Box Set

    Flash back to the days of yore, when home science kits revealed the building blocks of life to our budding intellects. The Espresso Chupacabra flig...
  • Bali Blue Moon

    Welcome our newest Indonesian offering, Bali Blue Moon! It brings notes of dried fig, butterscotch, and chocolate to your daily cup(s). Available f...
  • Diner Style Mug

    Drink with style in our slick diner style mugs. Pass the time with family and friends by pretending to patronize a fancy waffle house, or use it li...
  • New Shirts & Stickers!

    Let the holiday shopping begin! New shirts and stickers available both in the cafe and via link in bio. 70% Viscose Bamboo and 30% Combed Ring Spun...
  • New Ethiopia Washed (Guji) & Natural (Hambela)

    We've previously discussed the difference between Natural and Washed Processed coffees but the information can present as abstract without a side-b...
  • 30% off Shirts, Mugs & More with Coffee Purchase!

    30% off all shirts, mugs, stickers, iron-on patches, Cuppows, Espro travel presses, Clever Drippers, espresso accessories and hand grinders when you buy any bag of coffee. Buy one bag? Get one 30% discount. Buy two bags? Get two 30% discounts. 
  • Weekend Walk-Up Service

    It's official! Starting tomorrow, window walk-up service commences from 8AM to 2PM every Friday through Sunday.