How To Use an Automatic Drip Coffee Brewer

Making Coffee in an automatic drip brewer is America’s popular choice. However, Few machines have what it takes to brew at the correct time and temperature. Finding one that brews at 195-205 degrees for no longer then 6 minutes is extremely important. Then you’ll need to decide on the filter. Paper filters tend to lend their own paper flavor to the finished cup while trapping key coffee oils. The resulting cup is sediment free and you can reduce the papery flavor by wetting the filter before brewing. Gold-plated reusable filters impart no flavor of their own and allow all the oils into the coffee. It is important to use filtered water especially on an auto-drip machine not only to balance the taste of the coffee, but also to prevent mineral buildup in all the different parts of the machine you can’t clean.

Follow the manufactures Directions and use fresh medium ground coffee. You will want to measure the water yourself separately as the cup measurement lines on each machine are different and often don’t represent any standard measurement. If your machine does not brew directly into an insulated carafe pour the brewed coffee into one, or drink it really fast so that it doesn’t burn on the hot plate. Finally thoroughly clean all parts after every use so that the coffee oils aren’t sitting around getting rancid on you.