Coffee Roasters for the Home

Once you have mastered the above techniques you might want to move on to a machine specifically designed for roasting coffee at home. Though home roasters can be pricey ($100-$750+) they have a number of features that can really improve your roasting success:


  • Home roasting machines usually have ample power to achieve darker roasts.
  • They have chaff collection devices
  • They can roast considerably more coffee at a time than some traditional methods.
  • They often have built-in cooling capability
  • Because they are made for roasting coffee they can often achieve greater consistency than some traditional methods.

If you are thinking about investing in a home-roasting machine, it is important that you do your research and decide what features you’ll be looking for and what price range will work for you. Any of the top machines will produce great coffee though they all have strong and weak points. If you have further questions regarding home roasting machines or home roasting in general please contact us and we can provide you with more information.

The leading home roasting machines are:

  • Caffe Rosto- A great ‘fluid-bed’ roaster with plenty of power
  • Hearthware- One of the best selling roasters out there
  • Hot Top- A real drum roaster with ½ lb. capacity. Pricey and smoky but great.
  • Alpenrost- Another drum roaster that works well and is much cheaper than the Hop Top.
  • Zach and Dani’s- This roaster has built-in smoke eliminator.

Remember that though these machines work great, with practice you can achieve a comparable roast with the traditional home-roasting methods.