How to use a Coffee Vacuum Pot

If you want visual spectaculars and a bit of a science lesson with your coffee try brewing in a vacuum pot. Here’s how it works. You place the measured amount of filtered water into the bottom glass bulb. Fit the upper bulb and filter on top. The fresh medium ground coffee goes in the top bulb and the lower bulb is heated causing its pressure to rise. As the pressure increases the water is forced up the filter tube and into the upper bulb. When all the water has taken this journey the vacuum pot is removed from the heat source. It begins to cool resulting in the brewed coffee returning through the tube filter into the lower bulb leaving the spent grounds behind. Then you just remove the upper bulb and filter. The coffee should be poured in a cup or put in an insulated carafe. It is important to clean your vacuum pot well after every use so that oils don’t have a chance to build up and turn rancid. One draw back of this method is that the water gets hotter then the recommended brew temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.