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Coffee Flight - Chupacabra Espresso Box Set

Coffee Flight - Chupacabra Espresso Box Set

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Flash back to the days of yore, when home science kits revealed the building blocks of life to our budding intellects. Make a volcano? Launch a rocket? Done and done.

While we can't make the claim that our Coffee Flight will lead you or your loved ones down a path of scientific notoriety, we can give you the basic ingredients that build our Espresso Chupacabra. Should you choose to accept this mission, your flight will contain the three base component single-origin coffees that comprise Espresso Chupacabra and the aforementioned blend in one box set beautifully designed by Gustavo Cruzeiro (@gcruzeirodesign). For those counting, that's three-pounds of coffee and an art piece.

As for the art itself, witness the adventures of the Chupacabra as it visits the land and local wildlife from the three coffee growing regions that comprise our espresso blend: Africa, Central America, & SE Asia. All this activity, naturally, must be celebrated with a fine cup of coffee at the finish line.

Mix and match to create your own blend, locate the single-origin notes in the triumvirate, and, ultimately, have a little fun with your coffee!

Place order by 11AM on Tuesday morning for same-week shipping and local pickup. Pickup and whole beans are available during our window service every Thursday through Sunday, 8AM-2PM.

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