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Wandering Goat Coffee

Costa Rica Finca Amistad

Costa Rica Finca Amistad

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Green coffee for home roasters. Raw product not for immediate consumption. Limit of five-pounds per varietal for each order. 

Organically grown and harvested from Hacienda la Amistad in Costa Rica. With the 4,000 hectares that have remained in this third-generation coffee farmer’s possession, Roberto Montero has dedicated 300 hectares to organic coffee production and most of the rest is forested and teeming with wildlife. La Amistad’s proximity to the border of Panama has attracted many indigenous people from that country who come to the farm during harvest season with their entire families. Roberto ensures their needs are met by providing housing and free access to medical care for the seasonal pickers. 

Notes of grapefruit, lemon curd, caramel, milk chocolate


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