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Wandering Goat Coffee

Honduras Maria Delfina Mancia

Honduras Maria Delfina Mancia

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Green coffee for home roasters. Raw product not for immediate consumption. Limit of five-pounds per varietal for each order. 

Organically Shade-Grown and harvested from Las Palmeras, a 7.8 hectare farm located in Copan (Western Honduras). After harvest, this coffee is immediately dry fermented anaerobically, slowly breaking down the mucilage. A brix reading is taken after 100 hours of fermenting to measure and record sugar content. The coffee is then dried for a month, starting on a patio and finishing in a solar dryer. The slow fermentation and drying accentuate the sweetness and acidity of the coffee produced.

Notes of cooked berry with cocoa and savory flavors. Boozy acidity and mellow sweetness.

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